Take the labour out of recruitment and job searching

July 13, 2015

Let’s face it, recruitment agencies are not everyone’s favourite place to hang out or add to the personal contacts list. This is largely because if you’re visiting one or speaking to a recruiter, you’re either chasing a suitable employee or you’re looking for work. Neither of these activities rank rather highly on people’s ‘to do’ list! But a labour hire company can take all the stress out of both these tasks by taking charges of the bits that put us off.

For employees….

Firstly, for employers, let’s look at the advantages of going with specialist labour hire companies.

  • SAVE TIME  – a recruitment agency cuts out all the early steps in the recruitment process, such as filtering out unsuitable applicants so you’re left with just picking the right match for your business.
  • HIRING EXPERIENCE – labour hire agencies have done it all a thousand times and know the ins and outs of finding the right staffing solutions.
  • GET THE BEST – going with a professional recruiter gives you access to the best available talent and a larger choice of candidates.
  • RELATIONSHIP BUILDING – establishing a relationship with a recruitment agency makes filling future positions easier and faster as they will know the qualities you want in an employee.

For job seekers….

Job seekers can put themselves ahead of others seeking employment if they invest in a recruitment agency.

  • SAVE TIME – recruitment agencies can do much of the leg work and leave you time for other things you need to get done.
  • INSIDER KNOWLEDGE – a recruitment agency, particularly one like Simpsons which has great regional labour hire knowledge, will know the job market and give you the best chance of securing work.
  • MORE JOBS – you will have access to many jobs that are not on the open market, giving you more options to jobs and a greater chance of finding work you’ll love.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS – a labour hire company can basically lobby an employer on your behalf, and there’s no harm in having an advocate on your side when going for a job.

Simpsons is the team to help employers and job seekers make life easier when it comes to recruitment. Our experience and professionalism makes us one of the most respected recruitment agencies in regional Victoria and we have a proven track record of success. Call and speak with one of our friendly staff in Ballarat, Stawell or Horsham for more information.