Labour hire, Horsham & Ballarat

These days, labour hire can be a tough task for business. Sifting through the skilled workers and filtering out the good from the bad can be a challenge and can often be the difference when it comes to a company’s success.

Simpsons is one of Victoria’s premier labour-hire companies, with offices in Ballarat and Horsham. Our experienced team goes through a thorough and efficient recruitment process to ensure we find the most suitably qualified person for your job. But where other labour-hire agencies will match solely on skill set, we go further to consider the whole person and how they will fit into your business goals.

For a regional labour-hire company, we think it’s important to stay in tune with the community. That’s why we align ourselves with numerous groups and organisations and offer financial support, both as a way to strengthen our community ties and get to know the people. At Simpsons we specialise in both casual labour hire when short-term skilled workers are needed, or full-time employees who can help grow your business.

Contact us at Simpsons to discuss your labour-hire needs and we will take you through the step-by-step process of finding a skilled worker to fit in with your business. Or if it’s group training or workplace training you’re interested in, we can also help you out.