Register for work with Simpsons, labour hire in Horsham & Ballarat

For Simpsons to match you with a job most suited to you, we need to know some things about you. The staff members at our experienced recruitment agency are good but they first need to know information like the type of jobs you’re looking for, previous employment experience and the skills you bring with you. Please fill out and return the attached form below to register your interest in finding work.

In addition, our recruitment team has a duty of care to ensure you’re physically capable of undertaking tasks which might be required of you in certain jobs. This is part of our health and safety responsibilities towards you as an employer, and we ask that you fill out and return the attached form below.

To apply for any of our current vacancies take a look at our job listings and follow the links to apply. For any other enquiries, including those relating to our recruitment and labour-hire services for employers, please contact us in our Horsham or Ballarat offices.